Avalon Virtual Currency Miners for sale eBay

380 - 400 GH/s Avalon Bitcoin Miner on eBay

I am seeing some 380-400 GH/s miners on eBay. Price is a bit steep but cheaper than buying a bunch of Antminers I suppose. Seems they are using the Avalon 55nm chips. Any feedback or info about these machines?
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ASIC 88GH/s Bitcoin Miner Avalon Clone on ebay

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Stuff to know before starting mining

With the new all time high Bitcoin price, there's bound to be lots of people asking for mining advice.
First, you need ASIC mining machines to mine Bitcoin.
You can't mine it directly with a GPU. There's services that let you mine alt coins and convert that to BTC, but this advice below is if you want to mine Bitcoin directly.
On average, the two best in class miners as of this post are the Canaan Avalon 741 and the Bitmain S9.
Second, mining requires lots of consideration.
The 741 costs $800(US) and produces 7 TH/s at 1200 watts (~29 kWh of power.) The S9 costs $1500(US) and produces 14 th/s at 1500 watts (~36 kWh of power.)
Both will require PCIe cables and power supplies, which are an addition $100-$150 or so.
Neither will be in stock for the rest of the year, so if you want them NOW, you'll have to pay a larger mark up on eBay or to a person selling them.
Those watts translate almost 100% into heat, so the more miners you have, the more heat you'll have to deal with (either exhausting/venting it, or using active cooling like AC)
Each miner is a little bit bigger than a shoe box, so you'll need racks to store them - and they're pretty loud, putting out about the sound of a vacuum cleaner.
Many people use a separate space to store them - whether its their garage, a shed they've built/modified, or a warehouse.
The S9 can be unreliable, and while under warranty, your only option is to ship it back to China for them to repair it, which takes weeks at least, months at most.
The Avalon is a little more reliable, but less overall hash rate.
Finally, the difficulty increases every 2016 blocks, or roughly two weeks. This means your miners get less effective all the time. Eventually, new miners come out to replace them, so you're hoping you've made enough coin to pay for those so you can keep up.
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So sick of butt hurt GPU miners who started mining in December 2013, beating a dead horse over ASICs, an open letter to you all:

I know all of you that found crypto last November-December think that all the developers, community, merchants, and miners who have been with this for more than a couple months should hardfork Litecoin to meet your personal financial desires, and correct for your financial mistakes.
I have made many mistakes in crypto too but was never so selfish and arrogant as to assume that coin developers and big serious miners should bail me out by changing their coin.
I learned from those mistakes and moved forward.
Give it a rest please. The developers have stated that the coin will not be forked for all you special butterflies that started running 1-4 cards in December 2013, and are now mad that didn't work out as you dreamed.
No offense, you made very poor choices (I have made many very poor choices in my life, the key is how we handle them).
I had run a 25 card mining farm from March 2013 to December 2013, and then sold all 25 cards on Ebay in late Decembeearly January 2014 at prices in some cases higher than brand new cost.
I also SCREWED UP BIG TIME - I had a chance to buy a lot of Bitcoins at about $12 each when I first ran into this crypto phenomenon and I passed on them! I would be rich if I had the vision at that time to have purchased them. I did not buy any, and yeah, I felt bitter when they hit $1000 each, but I learned from this mistake and made better decisions moving forward with Litecoin. I did not expect Bitcoin to be hardforked for me! This was my personal failure and mine alone. I lay awake at night and think if I had just gone through with it and bought the Bitcoins!
I don't know why KnC gets extreme hate. The Saturn made people ROI in weeks. The people who got the first Avalon miners made fortunes. The other ASIC companies are shadier, they are taking money but have no history of ever delivering anything (cough, Alpha, cough, Flower cough hint hint)!
KnC is the only Scypt ASIC manufacturer other than Gridseed to have delivered a product in the past. So lets see if they get out 300mh/s Titan by the end of Q3 to customers - that is the agreement.
Not to get off topic, but I am sick of hearing the incredible selfishness of those of you that made bad financial decisions in the heat of the moment in late 2013. If you had sat back and learned a little more about what was going on, you probably would not have bought AMD cards at silly prices that I knew would never ROI. Do you think you are the only one who has ever lost money on an investment? Also, please stop propagating the lie that Coblee made Litecoin to be ASIC proof. Coblee never intended that, and has said so years ago and recently.
Instead of whining and being bitter, learn from your experience!
Contribute something positive.
Become a Litecoin merchant, learn coding and help with development, buy some Litecoins and hold them a while, contact existing Bitcoin merchants and ask them to accept Litecoin. This is s list of 1% of the things you could be doing other than whining that would have a positive impact on the community. Join the Litecoin Association at a minimum! Then people would want to listen and help you to focus on your success. There are other ways to earn Litecoins!
Again, some of you made rash financial decsions, but it is not the responsibility of everyone else to tailor this coin to make up for your personal mistakes.
Learn from it, move on, and stop beating a dead horse over an issue that is settled.
I hope you don't make another bad decision and abandon Litecoin out of bitterness, as you will be just doubly bitter when Litecoin continues to succeed and the value of the ecosystem rises, and you realize how much you could have had.
I wish you all wisdom and success but please stop your FUD campaign about ASICs, Litecoin, and the transition that is starting in mining. If you really can't get over your idea that the world should change for you personally, then move on to another coin, and leave us to succeed without your negativity.
Another newbie who is learning everyday more about crypto, a 15 month Litecoiner, a man passionate about the future of this coin, who is asking here for certain community members to grow up. That may seem harsh but is the truth of life, if you go through your life expecting the world to change to make up for what you dislike, be prepared for a bitter, dissapointed life. There is a lesson here anticipate change and profit from the change, be a part of the change, do not fight it.
If you came with a positive attitude and took responsibility I think a lot more people would try to help you succeed in the future.
My 2 "lites." ;)
Big thank you to the community leaders and developers for the incredible patience shown to new GPU miners who had stars in their eyes. In the end they care about Litecoin, lets help them channel that energy into something positive for the coin.
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Updated FAQs for newcomers

TL:DR: Don't bother mining if you want to get rich yo. You're way too late to the party.
Welcome to the exciting and often stressful world of bitcoin! You are wondering what looks like a once in a lifetime opportunity to get rich quick. Of course you guys probably heard about this "mining" process but what is this?
Simply put, a bitcoin mining machine that performs complicated calculations and when deemed correct by the network, receives a block which contains 25 bitcoins (XBT). This is how bitcoins are generated. So your brain instantly thinks, "Holy shit, how can I get on this gold rush?"
Before you proceed further, I would like to explain the concept of mining further. Bitcoin is limited 21m in circulation. It is coded to release a certain number of blocks at a certain time frame, ie: this year the network will release close to 500,000 bitcoins. What this means is that the more people (or specifically the amount of mining power) mine, the less each person gets. The network tries to keep to this time frame through the process of difficulty adjustments which makes the calculations harder and this happens every 2 weeks. So every 2 weeks, you get less bitcoins with the same hash rate (mining power) based on what the difficulty changes are. Recently, the changes have been pretty staggering, jumping 226% in 2 months. You can see the difficulty changes here.
Now, why are these changes so large?
A bit of a simple history. Bitcoin's algorithm runs on SHA-256. This algorithm can be solved using many hardware, from CPU to GPU and dedicated hardware (Application Specific Integrated Circuits). When bitcoin first started, mining on CPU was a trivial process, you can pretty much earn 50 XBT (the block size then) every few hours between Q1 and Q2 of 2010.
In late 2010, due to the difficulty increase that is reducing the effectiveness of CPU mining, people started to harness GPU mining. Only AMD GPU's architecture design are better optimized for bitcoin mining so this is what the community used. Immediate improvements of more than 10x was not uncommon.
In time of course, GPUs reached their limit and people started to build dedicated. In the same vein as the CPU to GPU transition, similar performance increase was common. These ASICs can only perform SHA-256 calculation so they can be highly optimized. Their performance mainly depends on the die size of the chips exactly like CPU chips.
In general, think of bitcoin mining's technological advancement no different to mining gold. Gold panning (CPUs) vs pickaxes (GPUs) vs machinery (ASICs) and we are still in the ASIC mining race.
ASIC mining started with ASICMiner and Avalon being first to the market, both producing 130nm and 110nm chips. The technology are antiquated in comparison to CPUs and GPUs which are now 22nm with 14nm slated for Q1 next year by Intel but they are cheap to manufacture and with performance gains similar to the CPU to GPU transition, they were highly successful and popular for early adopters. At that point in time since there were less competing manufacturers and the low batch runs of their products, miners became really rich due to the slow increase in difficulty.
The good days came to an end mid August with an unprecedented 35% increase in difficulty. This is due to existing manufacturers selling more hardware and many other players coming onto the market with better hardware (smaller die). Since die shrinking knowledge and manufacturing process are well known along with a large technological gap (110nm vs 22nm), you get an arms race. Current ASIC makers are closing in on our technological limit and until everyone catches up, the difficulty jumps will be high because it is just too easy to get a performance increase. Most newer products run at 28nm and most chips are not well optimized, so it will be around another 6 to 9 months before we see hit a hard plateau with 22nm or 14nm chips. The estimated time frame is because manufacturing chips at 22nm or 14nm is a more difficult and expensive task. In the meantime most manufacturers will probably settle at 28nm and we will reach a soft plateau in about 3 months.
Now, you might ask these questions and should have them answered and if you have not thought about them at all, then you probably should not touch bitcoin until you understand cause you are highly unprepared and probably lose lots of money.
No. If you have to ask, please do not touch bitcoin yet. You will spend more on electricity cost than mining any substantial bitcoin. Seriously. At all. A 7990 would produce a pitiful 0.02879 XBT (USD $14 @ $500/XBT exchange rate) for the next 30 days starting 23 Nov 2013 at 35% difficulty increase.
And if you think you can mine on your laptop either on a CPU or GPU, you are probably going to melt it before you even get 0.01 XBT.
Probably not because you probably forgot that GPUs and CPUs produce a ton of heat and noise. You can try but I see no point earning < $20 bucks per month.
No, because your machine will probably not mine as much as buying bitcoins. This situation is called the opportunity cost. While you can still make money if XBT rise in value, it is a fallacy.
IE: if you start mining on 1 Dec 2013, a KnC Jupiter running at 450Gh/sec (KnC lies as not all chips run at 550Gh/sec) will yield you a total revenue of 9.5189 XBT with a profit of 0.7859 XBT in profit by 30th Jan 2014 at a constant difficulty increase of 35%. The opportunity cost is: 8.5910 XBT @ USD $580/XBT with USD $5,000 which is the cost of a KnC Jupiter. This is the best you can earn and it's a bloody optimistic assumption because:
The only circumstances where you will earn money is when XBT exchange rates is so high that it makes the opportunity cost pales in comparison. Unfortunately this is not the case. If XBT stabilized at 900/XBT today (20 Nov 2013) then we might have a good case.
The risk is just generally not worth it. Unless you have at least a hundred thousand and can make a contract with a manufacturer for a lower cost, do not bother. Just wait until the arms race is over then you can start mining.
Okay, go buy an AsicMiner USB Block Erupter. They are cheap and pretty fun to have.
Sure, just read the answer below on who NOT to go for. You are doing bitcoin a service by securing the network and you have our (the users') gratitude.
You can check out the manufacturers and their products below along with a calculator here.
If you still insist on buying, do not to go for BFL. Their track record is horrid and borderline scammish. KnC fucked up a lot with defective boards and chips. Personally, I think CoinTerra is the best choice.
Alternatively, you can go on the secondary market to buy a delivered product. You can get a better deal there if you know how to do your "return on investment (ROI)" calculation. Personally, I will go for a 45%-50% difficulty increase for the next 3 months for my calculations and a 2% pool fee.
However, most products on ebay are sold at a cost much higher than it should. bitcointalk.org is a cheaper place because everyone knows what are the true value is so you will find less options. If you are unclear or need assistance, please post a question.
I actually do not use any of the pools recommended to the left because I think they lack features.
My favourite is Bitminter (Variable fees based on features used; max 2%). It has all advanced features for a pool, very responsive and helpful owner on IRC. Variable fees is good for those who do not need a large feature set, even with all features turned on, it is still cheap.
Eligius (0% fees) has high value for money but lacks features. It has anonymous mining which might be attractive to certain subset of people but not for others. Many other community member and I disagree highly with the opinions of the owner on the direction of bitcoin. I do use his pool for now but I do so only because I share my miners with a few partners and anonymous mining allows us to monitor the machines without using an account. Bitminter uses only OpenID which is problematic for me.
BTC Guild (3% fees) is another big pool and is fully featured and does charge a premium for their fees. That said, they are the most stable of the lot. I do use them but do so only because my hoster uses them for monitoring. I try not to use them because a pool with a very large hash rate (they are the largest) presents a large vulnerability to bitcoin's network if compromised.
All of them pay out transaction fees.
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German IRS going to JAIL ME:(

Hey guys, i was fucking in love with bitcoin and put about 30k euro(all what I had back then into btc, started way back when btc was 20-30usd and even bitcoin-24.com existed)
Well not all when it was so cheap back then but over more then a year time period
Well to make it short: I played a lot with my coins, bought shares of asicminer, made bad trades etc all that stupid stuff.
I was left with about 600 coins in mtgox when it went bankrupt. (The coins were in gox because I was about to buy a new laptop that I wanted to keep offline for ever(paper wallet style) to store my coins safe for ever. (Fuck i even thought my printer could be hacked -,-)
So before I managed to do this shit mtgox went bankrupt and all I had left was about 2000 € on my bank account.
Not a big problem since I lived of 400 euro a month (welfare since I lost my job few months before)
Well the goxxing was in januafebruary 2014 right? Back then I just fell into the deepest depressive phase that you can imagine (because my coins were woth more then a half million euro back then, well at least in my thinking:( )
and cried all day and just layed on my couch the whole day :( To make it even worst my best and only friend commited suicide in may 2014 and what went on were more months and months of pure ignore of the world and just sitting at home :(
I think it was july that I decided that my life cant go on this way so I sent my applications to universitys of applied science.. and taaaada I got my place and started to study health information management in germany!
September 2014 went on and I started to feel lucky again. University was kinda easy and I finished the first semester in february 2015 and passed all classes(30 credits)
The second semester went from march to july with the same success and right now iam in my third semester (september to february 2016)
Well why am I wriiting all this in broken english?
Today it hit me.
I received a letter from the german IRS (taxes) and they want all my bitcoin records. (I even sold some miners in 2013 via ebay) whatever.
I recognized the letter and right now iam sitting here crying for 6 hours.. Iam fucked. iam totally FUCKED Back in may 2014 I started to ignore and block bitcoin in my brain and decided to never think about again because I got so burnt emotionally.
I have no records left, NOTHING NOTHING Is there any way that I can at least extract my mtgox trading info somehow? I never made any profit, but I sold some miners and bought/sold bitcoins. My bank account from 2013-2014 looks like I made about 60k€ profit even thought I didnt made any profit because I put it back into bitcoins. I need all that trade history from gox or some female to marry me, so that I can leave this place;( I even sold some bitcoins via bitcoin.de and bought them back in gox just to spread bitcoins and make it popular, but right now itll look like I made a fuckton of money. I already see how my apartment gets raided if I cant give them enaugh records and I see myself in jail by summer 2016:((((((((((((((((((( (yeah I sold some avalon miners for 4-8k euro back in the days on ebay, without profit but to spread the fucking mining) But even that looks right now like a huge profit because I did never care about fucking records.
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Are the socalled "Bitcoin Block Erupter USB ASICminer" legitimate?

I've been interested in BitCoins for a while, but haven't quite taken the time to get to understand it fully. I recently found this on eBay, which looks a bit less complicated. Link for eBay auction Would this be a good "starting device", and would it be able to net in any profits? If so, how much (little)?
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Looking to buy an ASIC miner, which one would you all recommend?

I used to GPU mine on my GTX480. It was never particularly lucrative, I just generally enjoyed it. Now I am looking to buy a USB miner (or a couple?) that will mine at a reasonable bitrate. I know that it probably won't be profitable (though with the extremely variable price of BTC, who knows), but I'm just wondering which one I should get. Looking to spend less than a hundred dollars (I also wouldn't mind getting a couple cheap USB units instead). What seller will deliver a functional product within a reasonable time frame? I don't want to wait 3 months for it to arrive, and I don't want to get a unit with horrible design flaws, as many seem to be getting.
TLDR; Looking to buy a cheapish ASIC miner that will ship soon and will not break. What should I get?
Edit: Are these any good? http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-ASIC-USB-Erupter-Miner-USA-Seller-Bitcoin-V3-BTC-fpga-gpu-bfl-avalon-/200975270201?_trksid=p2054897.l4275
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So me and a friend want to start getting supplies for mining. A good question to ask for reddit!

So me and my friend want to start mining. Now, I have been asking questions, so no need to say I won't get profit at all from bitcoin. I know all this. But we are going to go ahead and do it. So I had a question or 2. I have heard of people selling these Avalon Asic chips that can preform 9 Gh or so. I was wondering, how hard is it to build your own miner? I would like to buy some chips and make my own personalized miner. That would be really nice. My dad works with airplanes so he has a lot of products he can use to build. We have tons of excessive boards and such. We could even ask the company to make a custom board. But I would need exactly how everything works. So if anyone has had experience building one, please comment! Also if anyone is selling their own custom built one for a good price, I would like to talk. Now I am not that rich, I live off of the keys I sell off of ebay. So be nice about price. It might take me a bit to get, but it will be done. Still waiting for about 200 dollars to come back in for a pc case. Now, one more thing we were wondering. Bitcoin vs Litecoin. Which one would be a TON better? My friend used to work at a PC store. So we were thinking we could Litecoin as well. They have a bunch of spares and they could get me some good radeon cards for cheap. I was wondering which one would be better price wise. Thanks!
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Helpful Bitcoin Links Please Donate

I'm looking to raise some money to develop a advanced Bitcoin shopping cart system. I'm trying to raise some money so I've compiled a list of helpful links for those of you who use or plan on using Bitcoins. Please donate to my Bitcoin address if you find this list helpful and to help the development of my projects
Bitcoin address 18e2MbUAbH7jNpYtY9Qt2WFUZpagCCEaVs
  1. http://bitcoin.org/en/ -The basic website for bitcoin
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin -Information for people that know little to nothing about btc
  3. http://blockchain.info/ -Best website to track down transactions
  4. https://mtgox.com/‎ -Trusted with btc transactions, gives good current value of the coin but don't recommend depositing USD to buy coin from them
  5. https://btc-e.com/ DO NOT RECOMMEND USD DEPOSITS. Great for foreigners that can do deposits because bitcoin is always 15-17 dollars cheaper so you can buy there and sell on mtgox
  6. https://bitcoinfoundation.org/‎ -Brings some good news and promote btc
  7. https://www.bitmit.net -The ebay for bitcoins. Buy and sell items for bitcoins
  8. http://www.coindesk.com/ -One of my all time favorite websites. Has everything possible that you need to know about btc and constantly updates information
  9. http://raisebitcoins.com/ -Raise bitcoins for different causes
  10. https://bitcointalk.org/- Obviously
  11. https://coinbase.com/- Good to buy/sell, and run your business with
  12. http://brainwallet.org/- If you have large amount of coins and don't plan on spending them anytime soon then store them in custom wallets
  13. http://www.coinwarz.com/- Good mining profit calc for sha and scrypt
  14. http://bitcoinnews.com/- Has the news but updates late sometimes, and not organized
  15. http://thedailybitcoin.com/- Interesting articles everyday
  16. https://bitminter.com/- simplest way to mine btc. fast and reliable
  17. http://thegenesisblock.com/ -Good information but just another coindesk.com in my opinion
Best websites to purchase mining hardware
  1. http://wtcr.ca/ -Number one because the ship almost instantly. Rates do tend to me a lot more but you know for sure you are getting what you ordered in a week and a half of less. No BS preordering and mess
  2. http://cointerra.com/ -2th miner for 14k. Best deal, has the most reputable staff, and is more for the customers then themselves
  3. http://www.bitfurystrikesback.com/ -somewhat new the game but already shipping and producing! Definitely one of the best mining companies in the game (us buyers can now purchase off of their website now to or their resellers website at https://megabigpower.com/shop/ )
  4. https://www.kncminer.com/ -400 gh miner, yet to ship, but seems reliable
  5. http://launch.avalon-asics.com/ -Can't buy anything, beat butterfly labs, but is becoming less and less dependable by the day
  6. https://terrahash.com/- waiting on avalon chips, could turn out to be a good company but companies that can develop chips on their own such as cointerra are your best bet
  7. http://virtualminingcorp.com/shop1/ -Trying to catch up in the asic miner game, could possibly be a reliable company in the near future
Best Web Sites To Spend Your Bitcoins
  1. http://www.coingig.com
  2. The Ebay of Bitcoin https://www.bitmit.net
  3. http://www.bitcoinclassifieds.ne
  4. https://cryptothrift.com
Desktop Bitcoin Wallet
  1. multibit.org Compatible with both Mac and PC
Mining Pools For BitCoin
Open Source Shopping Cart Scripts Wordpress Scripts
For digital Content
For Digital Downloads
Please donate if you appreciate this list it will go to a advanced shopping cart system to further expand the growth of Bitcoin
Donate address Bitcoin address 18e2MbUAbH7jNpYtY9Qt2WFUZpagCCEaVs
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Avalon Bitcoin Miner running at 80ghs Why Bitcoin Mining Will Bitcoin Recover Antminer S9 Vs. Avalon Miner 741 - Which is Better? Best Bitcoin Client

Get the best deals on Avalon Virtual Currency Miners for Bitcoin when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items Browse your favorite brands affordable prices. Avalon 741 ASIC Bitcoin Miner 8.0 TH/s + Avalon Miner Controller + 1600watt PSU. CHF 999,00; oder Preisvorschlag + CHF 41,00 Versand ; NEW Bitmain antminer s9k 14TH Bitcoin miner (kein /NO PAYPAL) 6. CHF 170,89; Sofort-Kaufen + CHF 16,12 Versand; Aus Deutschland; Halong Mining DragonMint T1 16TH/s Bitcoin Miner W/ MyRig PSU. CHF 600,00; oder Preisvorschlag + CHF 10,00 Versand; Halong ... Avalon Bitcoin Miner Ebay - Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China. We've been proud with the significant shopper fulfillment and wide acceptance due to our persistent pursuit of top of the range both of those on solution and repair for Avalon Bitcoin Miner Ebay, Canaan Avalon 921, Strongu Miner Stu U6, Apw7 ... Get the best deals on Avalon Virtual Currency Miners when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items Browse your favorite brands affordable prices. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Avalon 1 Bitcoin Miner ASIC Main Chip A3256-q48 Avalon1 BTC at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products!

[index] [45069] [39395] [9463] [39319] [16704] [50506] [51092] [18787] [14496] [40927]

Avalon Bitcoin Miner running at 80ghs

New video every Tuesday! Today we are taking a look at the Gekkoscience NewPac USB miner. We'll check all the hardware you need for setting it up, discuss so... We tested the new Canaan Avalon 841 against the Antminer S9 13.5TH/s . The results were pretty impressive! We used the same 79deg controlled room, while comp... eBay Buy Now https://www.ebay.com/itm/253495984578 PCB for DIY - Bitcoin Miner on ASIC 16 chips Avalon 2 gen A3255-Q48 - total performance 26 GHs! Price 1pcs... This miner is a batch 2 Avalon Bitcoin Miner. It's been running at around 80ghs since the firmware upgrade, using --avalon-auto. Currently on Ebay at It's been running at around 80ghs since the ... To read more with regards to bitcoin paper wallet, check out internet site below: http://www.cryptocoinwalletcards.com/ Tags: asic bitcoin miner, asic bitcoi...