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Who are the biggest Bitcoin online influencers?

Believe it or not, nowadays everyone proclaims to be a crypto influencer on Twitter. Even those who barely have any experience in the space, mention “Crypto Proponents/influencer” in their bio!
That aside, following genuine crypto influencers on Twitter can be very enlightening.
Enlightening because they are people who are actually building the community and are truly influential.
1. Vitalik Buterin
Vitalik Buterin, the college dropout who proposed and created Ethereum in 2015, is one of the must-follow Twitter influencers out there. His Twitter handle is: @VitalikButerin
2. Andreas M. Antonopoulos
Andreas is the most prolific speaker on the subject of Bitcoin and open-blockchains. His Twitter handle is: @aantonop
He tweets mostly on Bitcoin basics, Bitcoin scalability, and scam awareness. What is not to be missed is his unmatched sarcasm. He also tweets well-recorded speeches on Bitcoin and various multi-dimensional insights on the same matter. He does so to spread awareness about the most important invention post the internet – Bitcoin.
3. Charlie Lee
Charlie Lee is the creator of the Litecoin cryptocurrency, which is the silver standard in the cryptocurrency space. Lee, who works full time on Litecoin now, is an ex-Director of Engineering at Coinbase. His Twitter handle is: @SatoshiLite
Charlie Lee has really accelerated the adoption of segwit not only for Litecoin but for Bitcoin too. His atomic swap pioneering tweets has encouraged the developers around the world. Mostly, he speaks about Bitcoin, scalability, forks, atomic swaps etc.
4. Riccardo Spagni
Riccardo is the creator of Monero, the most private and anonymous cryptocurrency right now in the market.
If you are searching for someone a great sense of sarcasm and an eye for detail, you should follow Riccardo Spagni on Twitter. His Twitter handle is: @fluffypony
His tweets are fun to read and he never shies away from expressing his opinion.
Mostly, he tweets about Monero and other private cryptocurrencies but also incorporates the Bitcoin scalability drama.
5. Jameson Lopp
If you are searching for intelligent people building something with Bitcoin, your search end here because Jameson Lopp is one of the pioneer cypherpunks who has been working on Bitcoin for years. He is an experienced team member of the BitGo team but recently quit to create his own crypto wallet called Casa. His Twitter handle is: @lopp
His tweets target a wide range of audience – from Bitcoin beginners to Bitcoin advanced developers – and the topics range from Bitcoin basics to Lightning networks. He talks about political, social and philosophical angles related to Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies too.
6. Trace Mayer
Trace Mayer is a veteran investor in the traditional markets such as gold and was the first blogger who started recommending Bitcoin in early 2011 when it was $0.25 per BTC. Follow him on @TraceMayer
Mayer is an entrepreneur, investor, journalist, monetary scientist and ardent defender of the freedom of speech. He holds degrees in accounting and law and has studied Austrian economics focusing on Rothbard and Mises.
He mostly tweets about economics surrounding Bitcoin, its comparison with other assets in a broader way, and recently about Mayer Multiple which is an interesting way to derive the right buying time for BTC derived from its 200 days MA.
7. Max Keiser
Max Keiser is a bold speaker and proponent of Bitcoin who has been shilling Bitcoin to the masses when it as mere $3 per BTC.
He runs a very popular show in RT every week where he talks a great deal about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space in general too.
If you want to see educational tweets that are also funny, follow him: @maxkeiser
Also, he shares his whole theory of how Bitcoin and other cryptos are sucking the economic activity from the traditional markets. He sometimes also tweets about his Bitcoin predictions.
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We Are the Hosts of the Let's Talk Bitcoin! Show! We just spent 4 days at Bitcoin2013, Ask Us Anything!

UPDATE: OK Reddit! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! If you post more questions I'll check back in a few hours and make sure I didn't miss you
Title of AMA We Are the Hosts of the Let's Talk Bitcoin! Show! We just spent 4 days at Bitcoin2013, Ask Us Anything!:
Date/Time (EST): 12:00pm (Adam for the first hour, joined by Stephanie & Andreas after that)
Background/description of AMA subject: Lets Talk Bitcoin! is a twice weekly show about the future of money. Featuring new ideas, we focus on the people and projects who are building and powering the move towards Cryptocurrencies as the future of money.
*Adam B. Levine is a writer, editor & speaker who focuses on explaining complicated topics in understandable terms
*Andreas M. Antonopoulos is an expert in decentralized networks and secure systems
*Stephanie Murphy, PhD is a liberty loving scientist and syndicated radio host
Username being used for AMA: GamerAndy (Adam B. Levine), LTBStephanie (Stephanie Murphy, PhD) andreasMA (Andreas M. Antonopoulos)
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Top 10 crypto leaders and influencers you should follow

Vitalik Buterin
It is no surprise to see that Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum is at the top of the cryptocurrency influencers leader board. With a massive following of 828K, he is known to have a very open opinion on the industry. He is the genius behind the world’s third largest coin and is also the co-founder of bitcoin magazine. He is currently the Chief Scientist of the Ethereum Foundation where he works on the future visions of the Ethereum protocol.
Charlie Lee
Second on our list is Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He is the managing director of the Litecoin Foundation and has an astounding 801K followers on twitter. He entered the world of crypto by getting into bitcoin mining- along with many others. He has worked for many industry leading companies including Google and Coinbase.
Nick Szabo
A major influencer in Bitcoin is Nick Szabo, his expertise in cryptocurrency started when he created BitGold the predecessor of Bitcoin. Even though Szabo has denied the claim numerous times, people still speculate whether he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin. He is also known as the ‘father’ of smart contracts and he is always contributing to the crypto industry with his knowledge and experience.
Roger Ver
Roger Ver was the world’s first investor in Bitcoin startups and the blockchain industry. He runs the popular wallet and news resource, and he is known as a legend in the Bitcoin Cash community. Also known as the ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Roger is a self-educated enthusiasts who invests in numerous Bitcoin startups.
Andreas M. Antonopoulos
Known as one of the greatest bitcoin advocates, Andreas has a large twitter following of 462K where his opinions are regarding highly. He is a distributed systems expert and frequent speaker at cryptocurrency and blockchain events. He is a bitcoin evangelist and author of the well known book ‘Mastering Bitcoin’. We’re now half way through our cryptocurrency influencers list.
Erik Voorhees
Erik Tristan Voorhees is co-founder of Coinapult and founder of Satoshi Dice. He is also the creator and CEO of crypto exchange His popular blog bio states he is “among the top-recognized serial Bitcoin advocates and entrepreneurs, understanding Bitcoin as one of the most important inventions ever created by humanity. Erik’s former project, the groundbreaking gaming phenomenon SatoshiDICE, was, at its peak, responsible for more than half of all Bitcoin transactions on Earth.”
Brian Armstrong
Brian Armstong is co-founder & CEO at Coinbase which was founded in 2012. Coinbase is a digital currency wallet and one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges where users can buy and sell Bitcoin and alt coins. He is also co-founder of GiveCrypto which is a non-profit helping people living in poverty by distributing cryptocurrency.
Brad Garlinghouse
Brad Garlinghouse is the CEO at Ripple which provides “one frictionless experience to send money globally using the power of blockchain. By joining Ripple’s growing, global network, financial institutions can process their customers’ payments anywhere in the world instantly, reliably and cost-effectively. Banks and payment providers can use the digital asset XRP to further reduce their costs and access new markets.”
Jameson Lopp
Professional Cypherpunk, CTO at Casa and creator of According to his popular blog he “enjoys building technology that empowers individuals. At the moment, he’s most interested in opportunities within the Bitcoin and crypto asset ecosystem. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others and is receptive to interviews and speaking engagements.”
Max Keiser
Timothy Maxwell “Max” Keiser is an American broadcaster and film maker. He hosts Keiser Report, a financial program broadcast on Russian state media channel RT that features heterodox economics theories. He is also partner in crypto VC fund Heisenberg Capital. Max completes our cryptocurrency influencers Top 10.
by Emma Thompson
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REQUEST: AMA with Andreas Antonopoulos

I hear a lot of rubbish for and against bitcoin on this sub. Especially when there's a crash and the trolls come out to play. I'd like to see how a knowledgable guy like Andreas could respond to some hard questions in text format.
In case you don't know who he is, here's his bio:
He's also a reddit user:
Anybody else interested?
Edit: Well this turned out to be much more controversial than I expected. I personally have bitcoins. What I was really interested to see is somebody addressing the concerns expressed by the "trolls" in this subreddit. I actually really felt that this seemed like a guy who would be qualified to do that. This was after seeing the Bloomberg interview. Before that I wouldn't have even known who the guy was.
Well, apparently he's too worn out and this sub wouldn't see any interesting questions....... Or maybe we're all afraid of the truth?
At this point, yeah. I'm trying to stir up an argument. Seemingly one that's long overdue. Let's hear somebody who knows what they're talking about put all of the doubters to shame. Is that not possible?
ANOTHER EDIT: He responded below saying he'll do one in a month or so.
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A list of people worth following on Twitter (x/post from daily thread)

I have had a couple of users from the weekly thread ask me to make some recommendations of people to follow on Twitter so cross posting here. These are people I have chosen to follow so it's obviously a very subjective selection though many on the list are nonetheless some of Ethereum's OGs - as evidenced by their amount of followers.
The list is loosely ordered although those higher up tend to be people who are more active on Twitter whose tweets I have liked/retweeted the most. The list isn't exhaustive either (ie, it's missing a few newer Twitter users or personalities that are more niche). Feel free to make your own recommendations too as I'm always looking to add people in what has lately become my preferred medium of discussion regarding all things crypto.
I'm also adding a link to my own profile below simply because it is easier to view these people's bios and follow them on Twitter yourself by clicking on my own 'following' page (ie, I'm not looking to recruit any followers of my own though you are obviously welcome to follow me if you so desire):
Joseph Young @iamjosephyoung
Evan Van Ness @evan_van_ness
Richard Burton @ricburton
Laura Shin @laurashin
Spencer Noon @spencernoon
Crypto Bobby @crypto_bobby
Jackson Palmer @ummjackson
MrYukonC @MrYukonC
Hudson Jameson @hudsonjameson
Fred Ehrsam @FEhrsam
Ryan Sean Adams @RyanSAdams
Crypto Insider @CryptoInsiderX
StoreOfValue Blog @SovCryptoBlog
Nathaniel Popper @nathanielpopper @myetherwallet @MyCrypto
Omar Bham (Crypt0) @crypt0snews
Jeremiah Nichol @prodjkc
Taylor Monahan @tayvano_
Joey Krug @joeykrug
Ari Paul @AriDavidPaul
Chris Burniske @cburniske
Eva Beylin @EvaBeylin @concourseqio
Joseph Lubin @ethereumJoseph
Andreas M. Antonopoulos @aantonop
Vitalik "Not giving away ETH" Buterin @VitalikButerin
Bitcoin_Schmitcoin @BTC_Schmitcoin
Crypto Tax Girl @CryptoTaxGirl
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Let’s Talk Bitcoin Episode 007 - “Ripple & the Deflationary Business Model”

Let's Talk Bitcoin! is a show for users new and old of Cryptocurrencies and the current king of them all, Bitcoin! Episodes range from 55 minutes to a little over an hour, and include news, analysis and original interviews in a clean, audio-magazine format..
For previous episodes & our Listener Support widget, visit us at
Send Listener Questions, Feedback, plus offers to help the cause and join our team to [email protected]
Also, we're looking for members to join our Bitcoin Community Roundtable - If you're doing something in the Bitcoin community and want to be made available of interview opportunities as they arise, Check out the specific thread for more details
Each episode takes about 10 hours to produce, please support the show if you like what we're doing. 16QBQGVAkwqRZVwDXL7sX5j4aoTQ6teYYX
Hosts: Adam B. Levine Stephanie Murphy,PhD Andreas M. Antonopoulos
Shownotes for Episode 7 - “Ripple & The Deflationary Business Model ”
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Andreas Antonopoulos on Bitcoin  Maker Faire 2014 - YouTube Andreas Antonopoulos - The Death of Money - PART 1/2 ... Talking Bitcoin with Andreas Antonopoulos - Lightning, Halving, Privacy, Dollar, & Tech Whats Happening to Bitcoin?!  Andreas Antonopoulos ... Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin 2020 Halving, Crisis and #1 DeFi Project

Who is Andreas Antonopoulos: Bio. In the recent past, there has been a spike in information about cryptocurrency. Notably, famed catchphrases are like ‘how to buy crypto,’ ‘how to mine crypto’ and ‘what is the price of bitcoin’? If you google search about crypto, those will be some of the trending topics. Every crypto project wants to make itself known. Hence, you so much of crypto ... Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a best-selling author, speaker, educator, and highly sought after expert in Bitcoin and open blockchain technologies. Andreas has served as a teaching fellow for the free Introduction to Digital Currencies course offered to the public at the University of Nicosia. Along with co-authoring the course curriculum, Andreas has also written two best-selling technical books ... Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has become one of the most well-known and well-respected figures in bitcoin. As an engaging public speaker, teacher and writer, Andreas makes complex subjects accessible and easy to understand. As an advisor, he helps startups recognize, evaluate, and navigate security and business risks. As a bitcoin entrepreneur, Andreas ... Andreas Antonopoulos Net Worth: At the moment, he is considered as one of the richest Bitcoin millionaires in the world and even working for several BTC startups as a consultant. His exact net worth details is unknown but he received around 100 Bitcoin donations ($1.5 million) at that time. Andreas Antonopoulos’s Net Worth & Salary in 2020 As of 2020, He became a millionaire instantly with the donations of around hundred bitcoins which can be called as $2 million. He has written various technical books regarding Bitcoin, and he has been delivering very inspirational speeches for Cryptocurrency.

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Andreas Antonopoulos on Bitcoin Maker Faire 2014 - YouTube

{MiniCon} Andreas Antonopoulos - Currency Wars and Bitcoin Neutrality Recorded by Proof of Work Media London 2016 Follow C... Like/Comment/Subscribe 😎 Sign Up For CryptoWatch! Affiliate Link: . Become a P... LAUNCH YOUR OWN PODCAST: NEW MASTERCLASS EACH WEEK: Andreas Antonopoulos - The Death of Money -... Andreas giving a talk on Bitcoin at the Maker Faire in Detroit, July 26 2014. For anybody located in Michigan interested in attending Bitcoin meetups, check ... Andreas Antonopoulos joins me to have a serious conversation on Bitcoin - tech, halving, lightning, and the dollar. FOLLOW ANDREAS ON YT - https://www.youtub...